Photo Gallery: Youth for Life Activities, Winter 2017

Youth for Life at St. Francis began 2017 by being a strong presence at the annual March for Life in Washington. On the night before the march, they gathered with other young people at George Mason University for an evening of prayer. Then on February 11 the Youth for Life hosted their 4th annual Valentine’s Benefit Concert in the social hall of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. With a night full of Western Romance, the youth provided an elegant spaghetti dinner accompanied by various performances by the youth musicians to create an evening full of camaraderie with family and friends. Under the supervision of Karen Adams, the entire benefit event was planned, organized, decorated, and run by the members of Youth for Life. The various groups of the youth members serve, perform, and/or babysit throughout the night, for the enjoyment of our guests and to raise as much money as possible at the door through free-will donations for a prolife cause. Click on the image below to start. To navigate to other pictures, click the left or right side of the image (or use the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard). Click outside the photo (or press the escape key) to close the image window. To obtain a copy of an image, contact the Webmaster.

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