Reception after the Easter Vigil

Volunteers make community events happen at St. Francis. Among the gatherings each year is the reception held following the Easter Vigil to honor those who entered the Church at the liturgy.

Ministries: Community Life

  • Baking for Parish Events: Volunteer as needed to bake cookies and other goodies at home for parish events—usually one to three times during the year. Contact: Jan Harman, E-Mail:, Phone: 540-337-7702
  • Bazaar Committee: Plan, set up, and conduct a parish bazaar on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Contact: Maria Beck at 540-949-4447
  • Collection Counters: Work with team members one day every other month to count the Sunday or holy day collections. Volunteer counters will be approved by the Pastor. Contact: Norb Pytel, E-Mail:, Phone: 540-910-1414
  • Funeral Receptions: Help organize and host a light meal in Assisi Hall for family and friends after a funeral. Volunteers may be asked to provide salad or dessert or to set up, order food, or serve and clean up. Generally the lunch is in the early afternoon. Contacts: Bob and Laura Tedesco, E-Mail:, Phone: 540-943-8790
  • Hospitality: Are you good at making people feel at home? Do you love parties? You would be perfect helping to plan the parish picnic and other fun social events. Contact: Tracey Hodge, E-Mail:, Phone: 540-294-6330
  • Kitchen Committee: Addresses the ongoing needs of kitchen facilities: organization, cleaning, monitoring usage and supplies. Contact: Meri Hornberger, Phone: 540-885-7457
  • Librarian Angie McFarland

    Parish librarian Angie McFarland reshelves some books in the Margaret McDougall Library, located on the second floor of the Ministry Center.

  • Parish Library: The parish library is a teaching tool, important to study for the community of St. Francis of Assisi. The library supports the mission of the church in the education and formation of all parishioners in the living tradition of the Catholic Faith, the evangelization of others who wish to join the Church, as well as the growth of individual members’ faith. The Christian, in his study of the Bible, needs the information, discoveries, examples, and distilled ideas found in books and other multi-media tools.

    A well-selected collection of books, periodicals, DVDs, CDs, and other materials may be used to aid in the educational growth needs of the St. Francis community in the following ways:
    • Make available value-based materials for all members: children, young adults, and adults.
    • Supplement religious books in the home.
    • Provide supplemental material for CCD programs.
    • Provide supplemental material for Adult Education programs.
    Volunteers may be asked to come to the library to process books, clean and straighten collections, and perform similar tasks—once a week for a few hours or once a month at a time agreed upon with the librarian. Contact: Angie McFarling, E-Mail:, Phone: 540-569-6041