Altar servers lead the procession down the aisle at the conclusion of Mass.

Altar servers lead the procession down the aisle at the conclusion of Mass.

Ministries: Liturgy

  • Altar Server: Assist the celebrant at Mass by carrying the processional cross or serving at the altar for the four Masses each weekend and on holydays and other special occasions. Rehearsals as announced. Contact: Deacon David Russell
  • Commentator: Read greetings, prayers of the faithful, and announcements. Look over script before Mass starts. Contact: Olive Sheffey, E-Mail:, Phone: 510-280-5292
  • Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion: Set up vessels for Mass, help distribute the Sacred Body or Blood at communion time, clean vessels after Mass. Contact: Becky Coburn, E-Mail: or 540-414-4632
  • Lector: Proclaim the two readings before the gospel with clear diction and expression. Prepare at home ahead of time using the St. Joseph Sunday Missal. Contact: Olive Sheffey, E-Mail:, Phone: 510-280-5292
  • Usher: Greet parishioners and visitors, take up collections, hand out bulletins at the Mass you attend. Contact: Dr. John Isenhath, E-Mail:, Phone: 540-290-2525

St. Francis Choir sings at Sunday Mass

The members of the St. Francis Choir sing at the liturgies on Saturday evening and Sunday morning; volunteers use their voices and their mastery of musical instruments to lead the congregation in the worship of God.

Ministries: Music

The music ministry at St. Francis of Assisi provides opportunities for parishioners of various ages and abilities to participate in the wide variety of music found in the Catholic Church (see descriptions below). The music ministry is always seeking new members who love to sing or play an instrument. There are many opportunities to lift your voice in praise to God. Come share your gift! Music Director Chris Bono has issued an invitation to parishioners to join the choir.

  • St. Francis Choir: Prior to 1989, St. Francis of Assisi Church had two choirs, a folk group and a traditional adult choir. That year the choirs joined together to form one group of musicians and vocalists. The hymns used in the Mass expanded dramatically at that time with the purchase of new traditional and contemporary hymnals that provided a wide range of hymnody found in the Catholic Church including ancient Gregorian chant and the most contemporary Catholic hymns. Since 1989, the members of the St. Francis choir have helped lead in music each of the four weekend Masses as well as the Holy Days of Obligation throughout the year. The choir also performs at least two concerts annually including a Festival of Carols at the Christmas Eve Solemn Midnight Mass. The entire choir membership rehearses on Wednesdays from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Members may then attend and sing at the Mass of choice on the weekend. Basic voice and breathing instruction is provided at rehearsals; ability to read music is not required. Adults and youth of all ages and abilities are welcome to join.
  • Children’s Choir: The St. Gregory Children’s Choir (formerly called the St. Francis Children’s Choir) provides opportunities for children and youth of St. Francis to learn rudimentary skills in singing and reading music. The children then help to lead the congregation in song at special liturgies, primarily at Christmas and Easter, and may perform at other functions as available. Rehearsals are seasonal. Children, ages 6 through 17, are welcome regardless of ability.

  • The men's and women's scholas often sing plainchant and other church music at the 7:15 Sunday Mass.

    The men’s and women’s scholas often sing plainchant and other traditional church music at the 7:15 Sunday Mass.

  • Gregorian Chant Choirs: The men and women’s scholas of St. Francis seek to answer the Second Vatican Council’s call to promote Gregorian Chant as liturgical music par excellence, that “it should be given pride of place in liturgical services.” Exploration of chant repertoire (and other music similar in style) is the weekly task of the scholas, which share the fruits of their labors at the 7:15 Mass on a semi-regular basis. They also sing at other Masses for occasional high feasts. Any person of high school age or older is welcome to join the men or women’s schola.